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ICO's free communication site of "idea" is the meeting place between supply and demand, a place where people of different industries can cooperate with each other. This site will give you the opportunity to turn your ideas into a successful business.

This site would be the "Free Meeting Place" for supply and demand.

This site is a free meeting place for creative people of supply & demand.
If you have created an idea and have appropriate resources for a complete potential business system, you may post it on our site free of charge, where it will be viewed by as many potential business people in the Internet marketplace as possible.
ICO's unique site of "idea" is a business intersection between your creative business plan and many potential business people who might be able to help or collaborate with you.

We at ICO will try to support your nice creative idea or new resources through our site of "idea".
This site is free of charge to use. You can announce your offerings in this site as a proposal from your end.

Please send your proposals in English, or Japanese, according to your choice. If you wish for your proposal to be bilingual we request that you send it in each language. If you need assistance with translation ICO can provide you with contact information for translators, who will be able to assist you for a fee.

Our "idea" site categories are as follows :
(According to our customer's needs, this category's listings will be increased).

A) @Medical treatment/Medicine Cosmetics/
@Cosmetic Health food/Supplement/ Foods industory
C) @Car/two-wheeled vehicle
@Real estate
@Job change/talent
@Public organization
I) @School/education (Educational System)
@Distributive trade
N) @Finance/Insurance
@Agriculture, Forestry and fisheries industry
@Engineering works/Building trade

Sample creative resource

Educatinal system
@Category @Educational business resource
@Name of the project @Chat-chan, organized by ICO
@Address of office @Japan
@Outline of business
This is a practice English conversation system for the Japanese student market, using the Internet communication system of Skype.
ICO has developed a staff of over 170 native English speaking teachers already.
Now we are looking for a co-company or schools for the Japanese student market place.
If possible we would like to proceed with this project in collaboration with potential co-companies or schools. The conditions are negotiable.
@The target of market place @Language study educational institution,
@English conversation cram school,
@General enterprise
@Conditions @Collaboration business
@Contact/ person in charge @Norio Mochizuki
@Satoru Shiraishiin Japan,
@Jo Sickbert,
@ Robert Morris in USA
@URL @