For the contributors :


noAH, The stunning and highly successful
package design series

noAH-8 will be an authoritative look at package design from the vantage point of outstanding designers throughout the world. noAH-8 will showcase some of the best international package design from five continents. The last edition of this popular series, noAH-7, sold out within three months of its publication.

We invite you to submit examples of your recent design works for noAH-8. Please follow the submission guidelines carefully in preparing CD or DVD.

In addition, ICO is also planning a new book on Point of Purchase (POP) and request that you send us some sample POP images for consideration as well.

ICO Publication Indications for the Contributors

noAH 8
For the contributors :

Point 1
ICOCO Send two copies of your CD or DVD
ICOICO(additional copy for the printer)to :

ICOICO13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa,
ICOICOPostal code : 253-0051
e : < >

Point 2
ICOCO Include printouts of your page layouts.
ICOICOICO will confirm your layout quickly
ICOICOusing these prints.
ICOICORe. the print size, any size is available.

Point 3
ICOCO Accoring to the following items order
Submission Guidelines A),
ICOCO please send necessary your data by email first.
ICOICOEspecially we need your contact person and
ICOICO email address.

ICOICOPrior to sending your submission, send your
ICOICO contact and name of contact person information via email to:

Point 4 Final Deadline : May 31, 2007.

A Submission Guidelines

1. ICOParticipation in this special edition is by invitation only and is free of charge to those invited.

ICOPlease make your design layout according to the following indication sample. ( Please refer B )

ICO In order to keep our publication identity, please use the indication layout, font, font's size and layout spaces.

ICOYou may enlarge or reduce your layout design within our border indications.

ICORegarding each package design data information, please write down from 1 to 5 items according to the following order then send this information.
*(Please refer the sample pages of noAH -8 )
*(Use black ink for this data section & image numbers.

1. Client Name & the Country
2. Brand Name of Featured Product
3. Type of Product
4. Material of the Designed Package
5. Theme or Concept for this Package Company / Studio name :

ICO Please add each artwork's image number to the bottom left edge in order to interlock with data information (above item No.from 1-5).

ICODeadline for the 2007 issue is April 15, 2007. Since there are a limited number of pages available please submit your page reservation in advance by emailing ICO or ICO America. Page layouts should be even number only, 2, 4, 6, 8. If by any chance noAH-8 becomes full prior to receiving your reservation we apologize.

ICOSubmissions should be sent by CD or DVD media using InDesign 2.1, Illustrator/Version 8.0, 9.0 or Quark Express / Version 4.1.
Please send 2 of each CD/DVD media copies, also include sample prints of your pages so we may verify the contents of the CD / DVD files and also use the printouts as proofs. (Re. the sample print size, we prefer A4 size but we leave it up to you.)

ICOAll images submitted on CD / DVD should be 360 dpi, and EPS, TIFF or Photoshop format.

10.IC Please let us know your office contact person & contact number plus email address.

ICWhen sending your CD/DVD to ICO HQ. please indicate "No commercial Value" on your postal form in order to avoid unnecessary import tax.

12IC Contributors will receive one complimentary copy of noAH-8 sent via surface mail, but may request a quicker and more secure air courier service if they pick up the shipping fee.

All CD / DVD submissions should be sent to :

ICO Headquarters :
13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, JAPAN
POST NO. : 253-0051

If you have any questions please send email to :

ICO America / Robert Morris :< >
ICO HQ. / Norio Mochizuki : < >
ICO Japan / Satoru Shiraishi : < >

Deadline : April 15, 2007.

Page Layout / Dimensions

Sample of the complete layout design for page 1 and 2.

Sample of the complete layout design for page 1 and 2.
Please keep above layout of your design for page 1 and 2 (intro pages)
Additional pages have no layout restrictions/guidelines.
Thus you may enlarge, reduce or crop your layout design within our border indications

Mechanism of the entire layout for page 1 and 2.

AH 8

For the contributors :

Further detail Indications

B Specific Indication of the Contributors.


( Layout paper size : 446 mm X 297 mm = Open page)
( One page size : 223 mm X 297 mm )
Making page layout should be open page.

Your first 2 pages layout indication :

< Left page should be your company's introduction corner >

Register marks needed for each page corner.

1) Your first page will start from left side (a and b)
xxx(Above L and R is your space for page 1 and 2) You can use this space freely.
2) Please make a space 8 cm from top for page 1 to page 2.
3) Re. your other pages, you may use freely except page number placement.
4) If you wish to put in your studio's mark or logo, please use left side, page 1.
5) Please put in your addresses under your studio name, (Helvetica, 7pt.)
xxxInclude your country name at end of the address. (See below).

After pages 3, 4, layout :

1) From page 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8..., you may plan your layout freely.
2) Just for your reference, please refer to the following pages component elements, such as page number space or empty space around the borders. (You may use the space or leave it blank to keep this title's identity)
3) You may use the crop out layout technique for your images.
4) When you use the crop out design, please extend the image beyond the border line, approximately 3 mm or more.

Contributors will receive one complimentary copy of noAH-8 sent via surface mail,
but may request an air courier service if they pick up the shipping fee.

The stunning and highly successful package design series noAH


noAH 7

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