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The following menu lists ICO's new art book projects.
Our ICO publication committee is looking forward to discovering many talented creators and artists from around the world.
If you have nice artwork we cordially invite you to send examples of your work by email to your nearest ICO, for our consideration.
Please write "ICO's Upcoming Publications Menu" in the subject line of your submissions so that we can identify your email correctly.
We ask that you indicate the book project you are submitting your artwork examples for.

GRAPHIC DESIGN / BRANDING Click here to access leading graphic designers
ILLUSTRATION / ART Click here to access outstanding illustrators
PACKAGE DESIGN / noAH series Click here to access notable package designers
MONDO GRAFF / Click here to access cutting edge graffiti artists
PUBLIC ART / INSTALLATION Click here to access distinguished public art artists
INTERIOR DESIGN / Click here to access prominent interior designers
MEISHI /ARTISTIC BUSINESS CARD IN THE WORLD Click here for frequently asked questions
INQUIRY CORNER FOR DISTRIBUTORS Click here for frequently asked questions
ICO Annual-11 @

If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Norio Mochizuki < ico-nori@info.email.ne.jp >
ICO America HQ. Robert Morris < ICOAmerica@cox.net >
ICO America in Kansas Jo Sickbert < JOSICKBERT@aol.com >
ICO Japan Satoru Shiraishi < c-wave@gaea.ocn.ne.jp >