The ICO ANNUAL is for invited artists only!

Please send us a link to your outstanding sample images so that your artwork may be considered for inclusion in our book.

The ICO Annual is not just an art book for mere appreciation..
This is an interactive publication.
Our ICO Art Coordinator Team will be supporting your business
behind this book.

To obtain the Applicationregulations, please click here!

1 Your artwork will be seen by many clients from foreign countries.
2 Your featured images will also be uploaded on the ICO web site.
3 If you are registered as an ICO artist member your data will be available for inquiries from clients.
4 When a client wants to request a project with you communications are supported by ICO.
5 A link to your homepage can be included with your featured images, if desired, for a reasonable fee.

If your artwork is selected to be showcased in our "ICO Annual" we will also feature it on our ICO web site.
Through this unique opportunity your artwork will be seen by many new clients worldwide.
The opportunity for art business is now rapidly expanding in the global art community.
ICO will support both creator and client, for all art projects and activities.

The system flow


Will showcase
ICO will showcase the artwork of selected registered ICO art members.
Get Business

Your artwork will be seen worldwide, creating many new business opportunities for you.


Language Problems
ICO will support both parties, to help overcome any problems in language differences. Communication
Our staff will assist both parties with communication.
ICO will help with negotiations for each art project.
Schedule Management
We will assist in arranging a schedule that is agreeable to both parties.


ICO will feature your artwork on our Internet web site of "East Meets West". This web site will be viewed by both creators and clients worldwide.
Your artwork will be featured in the latest edition of ICO's stunning and highly successful "ICO Annual" book series. Our publication of the "ICO Annual" is distributed worldwide.


Creators' Selection
Clients will be able to view the work of many talented creators worldwide.
Schedule Plan
ICO will assist clients in arranging a suitable schedule plan for art projects.
Budget Plan
Our ICO staff will help to negotiate a budget plan that is agreeable for both parties.
Creators' Data Research & nimination
ICO will be able supply any needed information about the creator to the client.
According to the client's request, ICO will nominate the suitable creator(s).
Project Time Schedule
ICO will help to arrange a time schedule for each art project.

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Application outline