Your art can fly out into the world marketplace.


ICO is pleased to introduce "MY ART GALLERY",.an innovative new art dealing system which will be like having your own personal "ART MARKETPLACE".
If you wish to sell your outstanding artwork you may showcase and sell it through this system, by yourself. Of course, if you do not wish to sell your images featured in our eBook, or in our online gallery, please just write "Not For Sale" on the information form accompanying your image.
Your images will still be seen and enjoyed by art lovers in many countries, and you will be promoting your own name and artwork worldwide, through this system.

You have many potential customers in the world.
Many clients, such as hospitals, clinics, company offices, and personal art collectors wish to purchase your outstanding artwork for their public business spaces, personal business offices, and for their own homes.
Of course each region's art gallery owners can join this project too.

This publication will be distributed to over 15,000 libraries in over 20 countries, plus markets in Japan, Korea and China. The libraries in each region will be lending our eBook publication to the people in their area, free of charge

This eBook is connected to ICO's Internet site. Art-lovers, and potential buyers, can appreciate and confirm your artwork, and prices, on our ICO Internet site.
Re. your image retail price, you can decide it by yourself. Also, if you do not wish to sell your images, that is up to you.

There are 3 kind of methods of selling.

A) You can sell your original works.


Pricing :
Please indicate your selling price for each image. You can decide the selling price by yourself.

Shipping :
Please include the cost of your painting, the frame (if applicable), and all shipping, handling and insurance fees in your price.

Payment system :
The customer will remit the fee to ICO in advance. ICO will keep the budget for the artist.
As soon as ICO receives confirmation from the customer that the painting has arrived safely, ICO will remit the fee to the artist immediately.

ICO Commission & remittance :
ICO's commission for this coordination is 25% of total dealing fee.

Custom duties & custom clearance fees, for each country, will be the customer's burden.
PayPal's transaction fees will be the artist's burden.

Of course art gallery owners and art agencies can join this project also.


Original Art Gallery
- System Work Flow

Original-Art dealing process point :

1)  Customers will send their order for your image to ICO, through the eBook, or the ICO site.
2)  ICO will inform the artist, regarding the order.
3)  ICO will receive the fee from the customer first.
4)  According to the customer's request, the artist will dispatch their images to the customer.
5)  As soon as ICO has received confirmation from the customer that they have received
     your image safely, ICO will immediately send you your payment, by PayPal.

B) You can sell your "Archive print" images (High quality print)

You may choose to sell high quality prints of you artwork, instead of your valuable original images.
This may also be a good option for your customer.
Many clients and art lovers do not have a budget that allows the purchase of original art, but they will be pleased to be able to purchase high quality prints of your outstanding artwork, if available.

ICO will provide super high quality archival prints for the artist. These prints will keep their color quality. Also, you can choose from many kinds of high quality archival paper, for your print.

The process is very simple and easy for the artists :
Since this archive print can use your image data, which you have sent ICO for the eBook, it is not necessary to send the image data again. All you have to do is give your approval for the archival quality print to be made. The fee for this service is very reasonable.
That's it!
It's simple!

The process :
1) ICO will receive the order from the customer and will inform the artist, to get his approval.
2) ICO will receive payment from the customer, in advance.
3) ICO will provide the artist's image data to the Archive print factory (via the Internet).
4) The factory will print it, then send it back to ICO.
5) ICO will send the "print image" to you, or to the customer directly, according to the artist's request.
6) ICO will remit the fee to the artist via PayPal, along with the report.

High Quality Archival Prints. Archival prints can be made from the image data you send.
These are professional quality archival prints.

(Usage paper : Premium mat paper)
 Basic charge
Without crop out
 Smaller than
With crop out
 Smaller than
PAPER SIZE (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
 1189 mm × 841 mm
 33.11 × 46.81 inch
 841 mm × 594 mm
 23.39 × 33.11 inch
 594 mm × 420 mm
 16.54 × 23.3 inch
 420 mm × 297 mm
 11.69 × 16.54 inch
 1456 mm × 1030 mm
 40.55 × 57.32 inch
 1030 mm × 728
 28.66 × 40.55 inch
 728 mm × 515 mm
 20.28 × 28.66 inch
 515 mm × 364 mm
 14.33 × 20.28 inch
The price data listed above is the current rate for April. 3, 2012.

1) The basic charge is only 1 time, even if two or more works are printed on
     one screen.
2) The data format should be JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PDF.
3) The image resolution is 180 dpi.
4) Re. the shipping charge, ICO will research the fee for each transaction,
     then inform you by email.
5) Re. the remittance method, ICO will use PayPal for this project.
     (PayPal's transaction fee will be the artist's burden,)

Pricing :
You can decide it by yourself.

Image data :
200dip, of the Original image size.

Shipping :
Your archive prints can be dispatched to the customer from ICO directly, if you wish.

Payment :
As soon as ICO receives confirmation from the customer that the painting has arrived safely, ICO will remit the fee to the artist immediately, by PayPal.

ICO Commission :

    ICO will coordinate between the buyer and seller (and the print company) for 
      this project.
    ICO will also cover other expenses, such as the arrangement of orders, the shipping and
       transfer of image data etc.
    For this service, ICO will take 25% from your retail price, to cover our expenses..


- System Work Flow

C) You can sell your images' usage rights.

Many industries are looking forward to finding nice images for their usage. They are expecting to use them for many sales promotional materials, such as TV. commercials, news paper ads. calendars, magazines, house organ publications, POP, etc.

If your image, or images, are available to use for these types of media purposes, and if the budget is agreeable with you, please register for this business opportunity.

Potential clients will offer their usage requests to us through the eBook or through your site page on ICO's Internet Gallery.


Pricing :

This theme is not so simple. According to each client's usage situations the usage fee will change.
For example, the price will be changed, according to the following usage situations.

a) Usage media
b) Frequency of usage
c) Usage market or area
d) Circulation
e) Usage size
f) Usage period
g) etc.

ICO will research these conditions. then let you know the conditions.
Regarding the usage fee, please leave it up to ICO.
ICO will ask the client's usage condition first, then we will let you know.

Dealing Payment :

This is according to the client's payment cycle.
Basically, ICO will require advance payment for new clients.


Usage-Rights Business - System Work Flow


If you interested in joinng ICO's "YOUR OWN ART MARKETPLACE" project, please fill in your image data and send it to us by email, in advance:
(Of course you may just showcase your art for this Art eBook, not sell it, if you choose).

Please click the following "artwork data" button


13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa,
JAPAN    Postal code : 253-0051
t & f: 81(Japan) (0)467-87-2110
e :

21 Parkman Rd.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
t : 1(USA)-949-488-701
e :

4-13 , East 22 , North 23 , Higashi-KU , Sapporo, HOKKAIDO,
JAPAN    Postal code : 065-0023
t/f : 81(Japan) (0)11-785-9753
e :



















Please use the following items with copy & paste.

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Data about the participated artist.
(This data is for ICO records only, and
will not be featured in the eBook).

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Required data for your contributed art works.  (Please click here !!)

Your name
Your country
Image title (for each contributed art work, from 1 to 6)
Image Price (for each contributed art work, from 1 to 6)

PROJECT A)   Your original image price.
PROJECT B)   Archive print's price. (Your profit)
Useage price for your image. (In this case the artist will get the client's offer)
PROJECT D)   My art is not for sale.

Required data for your contributed art works.  (Please click here !!)

名前 Your name
国名 Your Country
連絡先(Email / Tel)_____

 作品タイトル(ある場合)/ナンバー_____ / _____