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Self Art Business
Application Form

Required data for your contributed art works. 
Attach the following image data for each contributed artwork.

Please copy and paste your completed data and send it to ICO by email or along with your image CD media.

email to ICO HQ

A) Artist data / 作家データ

1 : Name / 名前
2 : Country / 国名
3 : Address / 住所
3 : Email & Tel /

4 : URL /

B) Registration artworks info. 登録作品情報

1 : Your registration date / 作品登録日
2 : Total image number / 作品登録総点数
3 : Your art category / ( Fine artist, Illustrator, Scientific artist, Juvenile artist, etc.)

Please supply the following information:



a) Image title : ( Ocean )
b) Image category : 
( Abstract, Contemporary, Illustration, Scientific art, Juvenile art, etc.)

( Realism painting ) 
c) Work date : ( 2012)  ( The date your original art was created. )
d) Original image size : ( 25 cm X 50 cm ) 
e) Media : ( Oil paint ) 
f)  Participating project : ( If you wish to sell your image as an archive print for the art lovers , you can join this sales project ) 
( If you also wish to give your image's useage rights permission for other media, you can join this sales project ) 
  Project A) Archive print
      a) Your price (profit)   
      b) Leave the price up to ICO.

a)   US$10 per print.
  Project B) Usage Rights
      a) Your price (profit)   
      b) Leave the price up to ICO.
b)   leave it up to ICO

  Condition of your image :
       This image is not for sale.  
       My art is just for admiration purposes.

( Yes ) 


 (Please use this "Entry" items form using Copy & paste)


Artist Name & Country:

    a) Image title :
    b) Image category :
    c) Work date :
    d) Original image size :
    e) Media :
    f) Participating project :

        Project A)  
        Project B)  
        Condition of Image :  


a) Please fill in the items above for each image. Copy & paste your data, then send your  
    information to ICO by email, in advance.
    < >

b) Send your image data to ICO HQ. by CD or DVD. Include your data information again,  
     with your CD or DVD, for our identification purposes.

Send your CD or DVD, along with your data information, by air mail to:
Note : (Please write down on your envelope "no commercial value", to avoid unnecessary import tax.)


    13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa,
     JAPAN   Postal code : 253-0051
     Norio Mochizuki (Mr.)

c) Re. Archive Prints, you can decide just your profit, or income. ICO will inform the  
    client regarding your fee, along with the printing cost.   
    If you want, you can do this process by yourself also. In this case ICO will keep 
    your image data by media, and you can order your Archive Print's size by email.
    (Use PayPal for your payment)

    Re. your selling price of the "Archuve print", if you can't decide it by yourself, you can 
    leave it up to ICO. In this case ICO will contact you when we get an inquiry from a  
    customer or client about your artwork.  
    ICO will negotiate the price with your client for you.
    Of course you will have the choice of whether to accept or reject the negotiated

d) Re. Project-B, this is just for the usage permission of your images. Many kind
    of clients would like to use your outstanding images for their media purposes, such
    as brochures, calendars, book covers, TV commercials, etc.
    ICO will inform you regarding the client's requests, such as their ideal budget,
    usage area, circulation, usage period, etc. for each inquiry.
    You will have the right to accept or reject the client's proposal.

13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa,
JAPAN    Postal code : 253-0051
t & f: 81(Japan) (0)467-87-2110
e :

21 Parkman Rd.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
t : 1(USA)-949-488-7011
e :

4-13 , East 22 , North 23 , Higashi-KU , Sapporo, HOKKAIDO,
JAPAN    Postal code : 065-0023
t/f : 81(Japan) (0)11-785-9753
e :